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We help teams deliver.

Drive momentum with Tangible Actions.

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Why Sprintmodo?

Drive momentum

Momentum powered firms outperform their slower rivals. We are the force against business challenges that are hanging over teams. 


Sprintmodo’s agile management philosophy: Teams deliver when they

  1. Break down the challenge
  2. Prioritise by value
  3. Take-action


With Sprintmodo, teams go from talking about business challenges to acting on them. We operate fully virtually or face-to-face as required. Ask us about our momentum bootcamps!

How we help

Sprintmodo transforms what teams deliver by driving momentum on business challenges with Tangible Actions. We do this with our 6-week Standard SprintActivation process, or our Impact SprintSessions (tailored workshops).


We focus on Tangible Actions over vague ideas, i.e., not only what can be done to drive momentum, but also how. A Tangible Action is a concrete unit of work that addresses a need with a clear deliverable.


We drive momentum with targeted insights generation, interactive SprintSessions (workshops), agile technology and Tangible Action Tools.

Where we help

We tackle your main concern, must-win strategic objective, or that project you need progress on.


Example business challenges           

  • Commercial performance boost
  • Business planning
  • Talent development
  • Advocacy development
  • Project kick-off
  • Market expansion
  • Competitive readiness


We have helped teams in Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and other Pharma, diagnostics and consumer health companies in Ireland, the UK and over 10 other countries.

Drive momentum on business challenges with Tangible Actions.

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Sprintmodo’s services

Sprintmodo helps teams to break down the challenge, prioritise by value and take action, with our agile SprintActivation process, a 3-phase process that includes targeted insights generation, interactive SprintSessions (workshops), use of agile technology and Tangible Action Tools to drive momentum on a business challenge.


The SprintActivation process 

The SprintActivation process is delivered with two product offerings

  1. Standard SprintActivation Process: Structured 3-phase agile process, ran over 6 weeks to break down a challenge, prioritise and deliver Tangible Actions. It involves the daily application of agile working, Tangible Action Tools to support delivery and a check-in on progress after 3-6 months.
  2. Impact SprintSession(s): Tailored workshops targeted to specific team needs, to break down a challenge, ideate and prioritise Tangible Actions.


Align: Break down the challenge to key needs.

Ideate: Tangible Actions that address the needs.

Prioritise: Value-based prioritisation.


Structure & deliver: Take action from the highest priority Tangible Actions to drive momentum.


Review & plan: Align on a prioritised action plan to build on the momentum.

Drive momentum today

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Business challenges where Sprintmodo has driven momentum   

Commercial performance boost: Helped a marketing team to deliver Tangible Actions over a 6-week Standard SprintActivation, to provide answers on what to focus on for the rest of the year.

Business planning: Challenged thinking, ran innovative, engaging exercises to help commercial cross-functional teams bring more value-adding initiatives and structure to their annual business planning, with Impact SprintSessions.

Talent development: Leveraged Sprintmodo’s agile approach to identify the real work challenges faced by participants and worked with the group to formulate action-plans to directly improve their lived experience at work, with Impact SprintSessions.

Advocacy development: Used Tangible Action Tools to help a team to rate potential product advocates and to formulate an action-plan to progress them. Ran advisory boards and SprintSessions to identify prioritised actions to take.

Project kick-off: Ran an Impact SprintSession for a cross-function, cross-country team to align and refine the key actions to take at early pre-launch of a novel drug.

Market expansion: Helped a cross-functional commercial team, with a Standard SprintActivation, to identify and deliver Tangible Actions to drive market expansion in an under-diagnosed rare disease.

Competitive readiness: Moved cross-functional commercial teams to action in preparation for new competitors on the market with engaging, challenging Impact SprintSessions.

We have helped transform what teams in Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Veracyte and other Pharma, diagnostics and consumer health companies deliver, in Ireland, the UK and over 10 other European countries. Let’s discuss how together we can drive momentum on your business challenge.

Sprintmodo Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Company Registration Number: 658861.