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We help teams deliver.

Unlock value today with our agile SprintActivation process.

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Why Sprintmodo?

Time to deliver

If you could get your team delivering on a business challenge, where their efforts would bring the most value, what would it be?


Sprintmodo’s philosophy is that, teams deliver when they:

  1. Align on the goal
  2. Break the challenge down to team owned tangible actions
  3. Prioritise by value
  4. Take action
  5. Track the outcomes


With Sprintmodo’s agile SprintActivation process teams finish what they start. In doing so, your business challenge gets addressed and your team becomes more agile and engaged.

What is Sprintmodo?

Sprintmodo helps teams deliver and track tangible business outcomes, while transforming team engagement, with our agile SprintActivation process.


If you are looking to give your team a performance boost, a competitive edge and the motivation that comes from taking action, Sprintmodo can help.


The SprintActivation process leverages agile methodologies, software tools and templates to help teams deliver over three stages:


  • Engage: Align, ideate and prioritise
  • Activate: Structure and deliver
  • Evaluate: Review unlocked value and next steps.

Where we help

Sprintmodo helps teams to deliver on their business challenges:


  • Boost performance
    • Identify revenue generating opportunities
    • Take action on key events (launch, crisis)
    • Kick off complex projects
  • Strategy execution
    • Map out prioritised operating plan
    • Maximise value-unlocking actions
    • Deliver on a key strategic priority
  • Competitive edge
    • Move faster than/ differentiate versus/ prepare for competitors
  • Efficiency
    • Improve agility
    • Make remote working successful
    • Optimise work processes
  • Talent development
    • Impact SprintSessions for leadership development & graduate programmes
    • Internship/ onboarding activation
    • End-to-end talent development projects.

Sprintmodo helps teams deliver and track tangible business outcomes.

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Sprintmodo services

We work with teams to identify, prioritise, structure and deliver tangible actions, that address business challenges. Tangible actions are initiatives that address a need with a clear deliverable, in a short time. They increase revenue, reduce costs or save time through process improvements, new practices, better use of technology, replication of successful initiatives, checklists and templates.

The SprintActivation process 

The SprintActivation process is an agile approach to help teams deliver. The process is predominantly run remotely using interactive software, templates and remote SprintSessions, but can include a face-to-face SprintSession, depending on how your team prefers to work. SprintSessions are action packed, value driven workshops. Sprintmodo leads the process, unleashes creativity, challenges and spots patterns, provides structure, tools and accountability and drives action.

Before the process begins, Sprintmodo gathers business information related to the challenge to get up to speed and to set-up the process. Then we lead a team of ideally 3 to 10 people with complementary skills through the process, using templates and technology to drive engagement and accountability. The approach alternates between online SprintSessions and offline surveys/templates to move the team from ideas to action.

  • The Engage phase gets the team to align on the goal, ideate and prioritise the key needs to be addressed and commit to the tangible actions to be delivered.
  • The Activate phase is where we help the team to structure and deliver the prioritised actions.
  • The Evaluate phase is where we review the unlocked value and map the next steps with the team.

Unlock value today

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SprintActivation process offerings

  1. Standard SprintActivation process (4 weeks): Full SprintActivation that unlocks value and brings accountability, while fitting into the team’s schedule.
  2. Focused SprintActivation process (1 week): SprintActivation in a more intensive week to address an urgent business challenge.
  3. Premium SprintActivation process (>4 weeks): Tailored SprintActivation for projects that fall outside the standard 4 weeks.
  4. Impact SprintSession (1 day): High impact SprintSessions (action-focused workshops) to deliver ideation to structuring of tangible actions. Often split out into shorter remote SprintSessions.

Let’s discuss how together we can deliver tangible business outcomes. Give your team the edge. It is time to move from ideas to action.