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We help teams deliver.

Unlock value today with our agile SprintActivation process.

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Why Sprintmodo?

Agile management

Teams that address work challenges early outperform. Agile methodologies can help non-tech teams deliver. 


Sprintmodo’s agile management philosophy: Teams deliver when they

  1. Break down the goal
  2. Focus on needs
  3. Prioritise by value
  4. Take action
  5. Track progress


What is Sprintmodo?

Sprintmodo is an agile management company that helps teams deliver and track tangible business outcomes.


Sprintmodo helps teams address work challenges head-on with tangible actions.


Sprintmodo’s SprintActivation process leverages agile methodologies and action-focused technologies to help teams deliver.

Where we help

Get your team outperforming with tangible actions.


If you are having challenges with planning, prioritisation, productivity, processes, competitiveness, new initiative launch, or neglected objectives, Sprintmodo can help.


From one-off virtual workshops (SprintSessions) to a 4-week agile management pilot (SprintActivation process), Sprintmodo gives teams an edge on addressing work challenges. 

Address work challenges head-on with tangible actions.

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Sprintmodo services

Sprintmodo’s solutions are based on the agile SprintActivation process and leverage agile methodologies and action-focused technologies:

  1. One-off SprintSession (Challenge-buster): Virtual workshop to explore what is impacting the team and to identify solutions.
  2. Impact SprintSessions: Tailored package of three virtual workshops designed to address a work challenge.
  3. SprintActivation process: Four-week managed agile pilot to address a work challenge.


The SprintActivation process 

The SprintActivation process is Sprintmodo’s 4-week managed agile process to address a work challenge by leading a team through alignment, ideation, prioritisation, delivery and tracking of tangible business outcomes.

SprintSessions are action-focused, value-driven workshops to help teams identify and deliver Tangible Actions.

A Tangible Action is a distinct unit of work that helps address a need with a clear deliverable. They increase revenue, reduce costs or save time through process improvements, new practices, better use of technology, replication of successful initiatives, checklists and templates.

Sprintmodo leads the process, unleashes creativity, challenges and spots patterns, provides structure, tools and accountability and drives action.

The Engage phase (Align, Ideate and Prioritise): Define the goal, identify needs to be addressed and Tangible Actions to address the needs, priortised by value.

The Activate phase (Structure and Deliver): Structure and deliver the prioritised Tangible Actions.

The Evaluate phase (Review unlocked value and next steps): Review and retrospective to capture progress and learnings.

Outperform today

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Applications of Sprintmodo’s approach

Address work challenges of commercial teams: Action-focused SprintSessions (workshops) or the managed 4-week agile SprintActivation process are designed to help teams address challenges with planning, prioritisation, productivity, processes, competitiveness, new initiative launch, or neglected objectives.

Talent development for real work challenges: Application of the action-focused SprintSessions (workshops) or the managed 4-week agile SprintActivation process to talent development programmes ensures participants engagement and direct improvement of their lived experience at work.

Teams at companies including Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Pamex Limited, across over 10 countries have already benefited from Sprintmodo’s novel action-focused approach.

Let’s discuss how together we can deliver tangible business outcomes. Give your team the edge.

Sprintmodo Limited, Dublin, Ireland. Company Registration Number: 658861.